Hi my name is Odie, I was born on Jan 20, 2020. I have a wonderful family that takes care of me. I'm a multi-generation doodle, which means I don't shed as much. Mom and dad put a lot of effort in training me, but I still do what I feel like.

I love seeking attention, I will constantly paw you until you play with me.

I love car rides with dad and mom.

I love socks & pillows.

I love listening...when I feel like it.

I love giving you the stink eye, if I find you being weird.

I love the rain.

Everything is a game of chase for me..As in whatever I could get my mouth on, you have to chase me to get it out.

I like to sleep in all day...and most of the day.

I love sleeping on the cold hard floor.

Did I mention I love sleeping on pillows?

If all of these sound familiar to you..Yes you have a doodle and yes we're all very similiar. We're quirky, energetic, and we have a lot of attitude. That's why you love us so much so deal with it.